List of Agency Decision Makers, Designated Managers and Nominated Officers


This chapter was added to the manual in February 2023.

February 9, 2023

1. Reception in Care Accommodation  
1.1 Decision to apply for Emergency Protection Order Service Delivery Manager
1.2 Decision to institute Care Proceedings Service Delivery Manager
1.3 Approval of Review Plan Service Delivery Manager
1.4 Decision to seek variation of contact Team Manager
  Decision to seek termination of contact Service Delivery Manager
1.5 Surgical/Medical Treatment  
  To authorise treatment where parent cannot be contacted Team Manager
  To authorise treatment where parent is unwilling to give consent Service Delivery Manager
  Decision to withdraw treatment Chief Officer
1.6 Placement under Placement with Parents Regulations  
1.6.1 Planned placement Head of Service Delivery
1.6.2 Emergency placement Service Delivery Manager
1.7 Application to discharge Care Order Team Manager
1.8 Foster parent approval Fostering Panel
1.9 Decision to place for adoption Team Manager
2. Child Protection  
2.1 Decision regarding appropriate medical examination Team Manager
2.2 Decision regarding closing an investigation Team Manager
2.3 Decision not to investigate the same day Team Manager
2.4 Decision not to convene a case conference Team Manager
3. Transport  
3.1 Assessment of need/decision to provide Team Manager
4. Holiday Approvals  
4.1 In the UK or abroad Team Manager
4.2 Approval of Passport Applications Service Delivery Manager
5. Family Network Carers  
5.1 Emergency approval Service Delivery Manager
5.2 Permanent approval Fostering Panel
1. Section 17  
1.1 Approval of one-off payments up to £100 Team Manager
1.2 Approval of one-off payments over £100 Service Delivery Manager
1.3 Approval of regular weekly payments Service Delivery Manager
2. Maintenance Payments  
2.1 Notice of change in circumstances:  
  Where there are no financial implications Social Worker
  Where there are financial implications Service Delivery Manager
2.2 Clothing Grant  
  Up to £100 Team Manager
  Over £100 Service Delivery Manager
2.3 School Uniform or Starting Work grant Team Manager
2.4 Holidays:  
  Agreement for one (first) holiday grant Team Manager
  Agreement for additional holiday grant Service Delivery Manager
2.5 Grants for educational visits and residential trips:  
  Agreement for one educational grant Team Manager
  Agreement for additional educational grant Service Delivery Manager
2.6 Equipment, adaptations and installations in homes of foster carers/family placement carers/service users:  
  Up to £200 Team Manager
Fostering/Family Placement
  £201 - £2,500 Resource Teams
  Over £2,500 Head of Service (Resources)
  Over £10,000 DDP
2.7 Grant Agreements for vehicles for foster carers/family placement carers:  
  Up to £10,000 Chief Officer
  Over £10,000 DDP
2.8 Telephones:  
  Reimbursement of itemised bill calls Team Manager Fostering/Family Placement
2.9 Specific Needs payments e.g. Activities, interests, skin care, special clothing or transport requirements, dietary needs:  
  One off payments up to £100 Team Manager
  Regular payments or payments over £100 Service Delivery Manager
2.10 Enhancements - for additional costs in meeting the needs of a child where there is particularly challenging behaviour and activities costing identifiable additional expenditure Service Delivery Manager
2.11 Life Story Work Team Manager
2.12 Training course expenses for foster carers Team Manager (Fostering)
2.13 Payment of professional fee in lieu of holiday Team Manager (Fostering)
2.14 Payment of sick pay for more than one week Head of Service (Resources)
2.15 Payment of retainer Team Manager Fostering/Family Placement
2.16 Respite over 28 days Head of Service (Resources)
2.17 Termination of registration Fostering Panel
2.18 Payment for Skills fee levels  
  Commencement of fee payments and changes in PFS fee levels Team Manager (Fostering) following Fostering Panel
2.19 Any exceptional fee or maintenance payment arrangement Head of Service (Resources)
3. Young People in Residential Care  
3.1 Extraordinary requests for special items from establishment budgets up to £500 Principal Unit Manager
3.2 Extraordinary requests for special items from establishment budgets more than £500 Head of Service
4. Outside Placements Head of Service Delivery
5. Leaving Care Grants  
5.1 Up to £1,000 Team Manager or
Pathway Planning Team Manager
  More than £1000 Head of Service Delivery
6. National Assistance Act 1948: Custody of Animals  
6.1 Maintenance of animals up to 8 weeks Team Manager
6.2 Maintenance of animals over 8 weeks Service Delivery Manager
7. Section 50 Approvals (Disposal of Bodies) Team Manager
8. Child Arrangements Order and Special Guardianship Orders  
8.1 Approval of allowance and/or payment of legal fees Joint decision with
Service Delivery Manager and
Fostering/Family Placement Team Manager
9. Adoption Support and Allowances  
9.1 Pre-order - payment of regular allowances. To agree recommendation from Adoption Panel Head of Service Delivery
9.2 Post-order payments:  
  Up to £500 in any one financial year Team Manager (Adoption and Fostering)
  £500-£1000 in any one financial year Resource Teams Manager
  Over £1000 in any one financial year Head of Service Delivery
10. Staff Car Claims** Service Delivery Manager, Team Manager
11. Signing of Orders ** Service Delivery Manager
12. Hire of cars/train journeys for purposes of work outside of Leeds Team Managers

Last Updated: February 9, 2023